'I’m often asked ‘Why Gracie Keal?’ Credit for that goes to my dear grandad, Tiger. As a child I was a decidedly quirky blonde, with a wild imagination and a quiet, thoughtful disposition. Apparently I shared these qualities with his mother-in-law, Gracie Keal and thus, the nickname stuck.'

Designer-Maker, Cian Cottee studied Printed Textile Design back in England, her homeland, before moving to Melbourne and launching Gracie Keal in 2016. 

With an affection for colour, shape and rummaging through peoples old treasures, Cian was destined to arrive at this space. As a collector herself, she loves the connection people make between things and a certain time or place. All of the fabrics featured in the Gracie Keal collection were once adored and lived by someone else, before they found new life in her small studio.

Furthermore, Cian has always insisted that it is her responsibility, as a designer, to honour traditional, ethical and environmentally responsible practices, especially if she’s going to impact lives in a positive way.

‘We are all capable of creating change and I continually question; where did this come from, how can I reduce my own impact and how can I help my fellow creatives minimise their waste too.’

This approach to design has aligned Gracie Keal with other Melbourne brands such as Honest Studios, Fabric Drawer and Louise Jones for exclusive collaborative collections.

As the brand evolves with bigger ideas and new products, Cian’s belief as a designer remains the same; support your community, protect your environment and do what you can to brighten people’s day.