Sustainability is the heartbeat of every decision at Gracie Keal. Each creation is consciously made with integrity, using ethical and environmentally friendly means, from production through to packaging.


Our new compostable mail packaging by Hero Packaging; an Australian-based husband and wife duo, is an ingenious response to a very real problem. Only 9% of plastics are recycled in Australia every year. Hero’s compostable bags are made from biodegradable materials; mainly corn starch and cassava roots, and will decompose in a compostable environment in less than 90 days, leaving behind zero waste or toxins.

  • When you receive your dolly from us our first suggestion is to reuse. Pass this packaging on to someone else to reuse and reduce your consumption.

  • Once it is beyond use, remove any tape or labels (any non-biodegradable materials) and cut it into small strips to speed up the composting process.

  • Within 90 days this packaging will become delicious worm food or a nutrient-rich fertiliser for your garden.


Soy ink; made from soybeans, is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional petroleum-based inks. From now on we are committed to using, wherever possible, soy-based inks on our branding. Not only does it make it easier to recycle paper products, but it also means that less toxins are produced and released as a result of commercial printing.


Although we try to limit the use of paper in general, some items are unavoidable. For these we use recycled paper stock. Not only does this support the Australian paper recycling industry, it also reduces our consumption of new resources and saves the trees.


95% of all the materials used by us have a previous life. Often these fabrics are considered ‘waste’ and that’s where Gracie Keal comes in and gives new life.

  • Collaborations with fellow Melbourne makers such as Honest Studios and Fabric Drawer provides us with a supply of beautiful, high quality and often unique fabric off-cuts as well as helping them to produce more sustainably.

  • Items sourced from op-shops and vintage stores- as well as providing support to local business and charities- are often exceptional and rare and would otherwise, eventually be passed to landfill.

  • Amazingly, we also often receive donated textiles from well-wishers in the community who understand and share our love of fabric. These may be items collected over the years, unfinished projects or pieces that are no longer wanted but have potential for greatness and add to our catalogue of print and colour. If you yourself have spare textiles that you’d like to share with us, please get in touch.


All our stuffed toys are filled with a high-grade, non-allergenic fibre manufactured by Australian firm, Innergreen, and fabricated from recycled plastic bottles. In an average year we save around 21,000 bottles from the waste cycle rather than adding to the demand for synthetic fibres, such as polyester.